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In partnership spirit, we offer comprehensive IT services that include the following:

IT Consulting

Our IT consulting services will assess and advise you with the best technical solutions and strategies available in the market. We will ensure that they match your business needs and specifications, to reach your targeted objectives. We will implement, deploy, administer, and maintain the IT system on your behalf. Our resources will be at your disposal around the clock.

Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Future Waves will develop an evaluation report, based on our detailed evaluation visits, we will observe, share the risks and provide you with recommendations on how to better utilize and have more effective systems in place. Our recommended strategies and plans, aimed to develop a modern and effective infrastructure to reliably support your business’s present and future requirements.

Support & Help Desk Services

Hand over your IT issues and concerns to our dedicated team of professionals. We will help your organization update and maintain its technical needs through the provision of optimal solutions, advice, and assistance. Our dedicated team of professionals is prepared to provide you with the proper IT support that your business deserves. We are your IT department.

IT Audit

Our team of professionals will evaluate your organization’s IT strategies, policies, and procedures, to ensure the safeguarding of your assets, the integrity of your data, and the efficient and effective performance of your overall system. This will ensure that your organization will meet the best practices, standards, and industry recommendations.

Disaster Recovery Planning

We help you take the necessary precaution against all types of IT failure or how to ensure your business’s continuity in the event of natural or unnatural disasters. Most companies of all sizes rely on information technology as a crucial component of their day-to-day operations. Because data availability is a top priority, the need for companies to compile a thorough disaster recovery plan is essential.

IT Policy Strategy Planning

Computer technology is considered to be one of the most expensive investments an organization makes; therefore it is important to protect the investment by ensuring correct usage and operation of the equipment by staff. Therefore it is critical for organizations, regardless of its size, to have a computer use policy. Future waves helps develop your IT policy to make sure regulations are followed, the purpose is to protect the organization and its members of staff from technology misuse which can cause substantial business damage to an organization.

Surveillance Systems Design & Implementation

It is essential for an organization to protect its assets from misuse, damage or loss, therefore a proper surveillance system is important for any organization regardless of its’ type of business. We find you the best systems to fit your security needs and budget install it and automate and archive the data and train you on how to monitor and use it.

Access Control Systems Design & Implementation

Many organizations have sensitive data or files or simply wants to protect its’ clients information, a proper access control system can achieve this allowing only authorized people to access certain areas of the organization keeping a record of who accessed what area and when. Future Waves will help you identify sensitive areas of your organization and will help you find the best system to protect you and install and maintain it for you.

Attendance Systems

Future waves will help you choose and install and operate the best employee attendance hardware and software that meet your needs and budget. We will also help you deploy all your organizations’ policies and procedures automatically through these systems and incorporate the data into your payroll systems.

IT Recruiting

We’ll save you the hassle of trying to find the right people for the job; based on your needs we will help you estimate the needed number of staff with their qualifications and job description requirements.